Thursday, October 3, 2013

Making America Free, Again!

I believe it’s time where we convene a Constitutional Convention! It may be the only way to correct the many errors and disregard for the Constitution. There are some amendments that need to be made such as term limits, vague laws that allow the gov’t. to run roughshod over the states as well as the people’s rights. Certain well written Amendments, and the removal of other (not to include any of the Bill of Rights) could go a long way towards fixing some of what is going on now! The “good ‘ol boys club” in DC must be put on notice, both parties, that the American people are tired of “business as usual”! The proposed new Amendment requiring all elected officials to live withing the confines of all laws they pass, must also be included! It takes 2/3 of the States to convene a convention, and the results of said convention must be ratified by three fourths of the States. I think it’s time to “get crackin’!”

Also stronger wording regarding America, "One Nation Under God!" needs to be affirmed!

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