Sunday, September 21, 2014

God and America

 Hatred of the sinner is not in issue. Hatred of the sin, however, is. From a lot of study, I have learned that a moderate Muslim, is like a carnal Christian, not following their particular written word, the koran in the case of the Muslims, and the Bible in the case of the Christian. A moderate Muslim seems that way for possibly two reasons, 1. They do not know what the koran really teaches, or, 2. They do know but follow the koran's instructions to lie to accomplish their jihad against unbelievers, and are as the news media calls them..."sleepers" awaiting that time when they have all they need to do jihad!

A moderate Christian is a danger to himself and to others in a strictly spiritual sense. A moderate Muslim is an enigma, for if he ever becomes serious about his beliefs, he will kill you! The worst a serious Christian will do is witness and spread the love of Jesus, and pray for your lost soul. Again...the Muslim "will" kill you!

PC and tolerance in America is killing the country. Sharia law is being pushed at us and we had better wake up! America has more to fear from within, that from the outside! Being kind to the stranger within the gate is what the Bible tells us to do, but adopting their filthy, sinful, murderous lifestyle is not an option. 

I am not a racist, but I do very greatly dislike all the changes being forced on America because our government is too conniving and too weak to do the right thing and restrict immigration! Both sides of the aisle, for example, will sell America down the river to get the Hispanic vote! All this does is make America weaker. I will not go into the problem of the filthy hippies who were to say the least, an oddity in the 1960s and 70s. They are running the country now, and it shows!

May God send His Son Jesus quickly and soon and please save the Christian remnant here from the oncoming evil!

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