Friday, August 14, 2009

Explanation of Obama ?

Interesting little bit on Obama on the local talk radio today while I was out hunting Starbucks. I got one to…anyway…..the guy named Mark something or other, filling in for the regular host on KOGO here in San Diego County said Obama is culturally not American. He has no idea how Americans live or who we are. He is more culturally Indonesian (he does not believe the birther crap) than American. But think about it, the dude goes from Hawaii, to Indonesia to Chicago to Harvard back to Chicago. Remember the episode of Star Trek where the whole world on this one planet was Chicago? See? Thats his biggest problem. Whats more is he doesn’t like us, he does not get us.

h/t Stephanie

Personal note: the Star Trek episode mentioned took place on a distant planet that had been receiving TV signals from earth in the form of the program "The Untouchables" and thought it was like the society on earth. They then set about to making their whole society like gangland Chicago.

This statement could go a long way toward explaining why BHO seems so detached from the regular Mr. & Mrs. America that makes up a great percentage of our country. He seems to have a very real disconnect from the reality of American life.

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