Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why the Rush?

Why does the left always come down on the wrong side of things? Why the rush to Universal Healthcare? Why the rush to Carbon Cap & Trade? Why the rush to put money into other country's oil explorations when we have plenty of our own? Why the rush to give away so much money when there is no money of their's to give? Why the rush to control the carmakers? Why the rush to make laws regarding Hate Crimes? Why the rush to attempt to silence Christians and conservatives? Why do they not listen? Why do the left always bring up race? Why do they always attempt to baffle every argument and pepper their speech with obvious lies? Why do they not listen to those who have conservative Christian views? Why do they accuse everybody else of the evils they themselves are most guilty of? Why? Why? Why?

I think you can see what I would like here. We need to answer these and other questions about our own ideals and our own faith in Christ, and we must do it very quickly. For you see my friends, if we do not, we will have "bought the farm" of our own volition by not doing our God given duty to witness to others and by not doing our God given duty to stand for what's good and honest and true in regard to the governance of America.

One might say "Our founding fathers must be rolling over in their graves" at what is going on in America today. I disagree. I believe they knew full well what could and would happen if we let down our guard for even a second. That is the reason for the wording of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. If we had not lost vigilance, we would not have the mess we have now, and the "trainwreck" of an Administration, House and Senate looking for the next best place to bail out before the train crashes and burns.

I like many others, sat and watched during the 1970s, and saw Roe vs. Wade become the "law of the land." I heard stories about the left wanting to "dumb down" those in public education. I heard the list of 45 things it would take to make America communist. I saw daycare centers start to stay open 24 hrs. a day to accommodate those working mothers that worked all night, wondering why on earth would they do that? I saw America starting to apologize to the rest of the world for who knows what preceived wrongs we had done. I saw our military having to apologize to the American people for doing their jobs. Why does this effect me and my family?

We had a good job and a house and two cars and nothing could ever change for the worse. I, my friends, as I'm sure we all did, sat upon those worldly laurels and did precisely nothing! Now I see clearly that I/we didn't do anything necessarily wrong. What was wrong was that I/we did nothing at all. Like was said in an old Pogo comic once many years ago, "We have met the enemy and he is us!"

The only solution to this massive problem we have built for ourselves is to pray unceasingly for an "awakening, a repentance and a revival" in America, and America may once more be healed and stand as a lighthouse of truth and justice to the rest of the world.

We must now stand for what is true, right and honorable; in some cases for the first time in our lives. God must guide our words and deeds. If we go off and do our own thing we might make bigger and worse mistakes than were made in the first place by our own inactions. Christ is King! This we must never doubt nor forget.

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