Sunday, June 7, 2009

Answer to Criticisms of Specific Church Denominations

Main point is that there are good Christian Churches of all denominations and bad Christian Churches of all denominations. You can’t label all the Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, Nazarenes, etc. bad because of one bad circumstance. I’m a Southern Baptist, but a Christian first. If a Church preaches and teaches the truth of the Gospel of Christ, it’s name doesn’t matter. The mattering is in the message. Hot button issues have become a devisive measure used by Satan to lessen the effects of the true Gospel to the lost world out there. When the Christians are infighting, it becomes fodder for the left and any other group who wishes to climb on board and say, “See, even the Christians can’t get their act together on this issue, or that issue.” While we debate among ourselves on issues not directly related to the truth of the Gospel of Christ, the whole world is out there thinking, "why become a Christian because they’re obviously more messed up than are we?" The message of the Gospel is the only reason a Church should have for it’s existence. Once the message is gone or polluted, the individual Church becomes a meaningless entity.

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