Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Carbon "Cap & Traitors"

Well, thanks to our illustrious House Speaker, carbon cap & trade is set to come up for another "under the radar," "Quickly, so they won't notice!" vote supposedly this week. This is the most inherently wrong type of legislation that has hit the Congress in many a decade. If this bill gets through the House and Senate and gets signed into law, it'll cost everyone nearly $3700 per year more just for utility bills, not to mention gasoline prices and everything that has or exudes co2 or co.

They even want to tax farmers depending on the type and number of livestock, presumably because of the animal's flatulence. The only flatulence going on around here is what's coming from Capital Hill!

Ex-VP Al Gore has/will get filthy rich from his ties to the bill and related industries. General Electric will become the largest reaper of benefits from all this because of promises made because of campaign moneys donated to BHO.

I urge any and all readers to call their Representatives (if indeed they are our representatives anymore) and tell them emphatically NO more of this baloney!


  1. For some of us that always get lost in the shuffle...where do we find the numbers to call?

  2. I don't have a complete list of our Reps. phone numbers, which is what I assume is what you want. Sen Snsign's local office # is 388-6605 and Dina Titus" # is 387-4941. Harry Reid's # is 1-866-736-7343. Those are all I've got.


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