Sunday, June 14, 2009

Global Warming? Naaa-Just Hype!

After doing a relatively exhaustive study of global warming and all the hype surrounding it, miraculously it has been found to be just that---Hype! I know. You all knew this already. Even NASA has done some studies that indicate this, though they are reluctant (go figure) to release all the details in press releases, you can go to their website and read up on the details.

I've done my own study right here from "Hotair Central" and checked most, if not all the record high temperatures for the Las Vegas valley since recording of temperatures was begun in the area. I found that pretty much most of the record highs in this area happened during the 1930s and up into the 1940s. Record lows happened mostly from the late 1940s into the early to mid 1950s. Some occasional exceptions were evident, but not significant to mention here. The local TV News stations seem hardput to tell the truth on this, stating that it's been much hotter here in the last decade than times prior. My findings, and the mere, insignificant fact that I live here and have worked outdoors for most of the 23+ years I've been here, have shown that the Vegas area is, in fact, on a cooling trend with more snow in winter and milder summers than in prior decades.

Call your Senators and Congressmen and fill them in on this and tell them that Carbon Cap & Trade and all the "green" projects that will continue to raise our energy costs through the roof, and grow government to massive proportions, and are "TOO MUCH" and the baloney needs to stop!

Send Al Gore back where he came from on a hang glider instead of that massive "carbon emitting" blimp (hot gas filled bag) of an airplane he bought off the backs of the idiots that believe his garbage! Language cleaned for the sake of the reader.


  1. Trouble with calling any congressman or senator is, are they listening? Probably not. But they will soon listen if we get all our voices together!

  2. I don't think even that way they will listen, you would have to flash enough green backs for them to even notice in the first place.


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