Monday, May 25, 2009

BHO and Harry Reid

Welcome to Las Vegas, President Obama, on Tuesday May 26, 2009.

While you are doing your darndest to give Harry Reid a much needed nudge back into the Senate for another 6 wasted years, I hope you make arrangements for his campaign to pay the approximately $360,000 of taxpayer money back to the coffers for the money you're wasting for the flight to Vegas from D.C.

I didn't, nor would I ever vote for him, and a good portion of that money comes from the citizenry of Nevada who don't want him for even their dog catcher. Since when was taxpayer money supposed to go for a lame-duck campaign?

Oh yes, and please, while you're here, don't buzz the high-rises in town. We're a little stressed over 9-11 too! Please restrict the photo ops to D.C. They like that kind of crap there.


  1. According to his speech about Las Vegas, I'm surprised that he is coming here. Oh Fritz, you forgot to mention that his staff called the governor and refused to meet with him while he is here stumping for the moron.

  2. Like has been said before: John Ensign for Pres.!!!

  3. I called John Ensigns office to tell him to run, but I think he said to me once before that he can do more good in the position that he is in. Of course, I disagreed.


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