Saturday, May 16, 2009

Running a country---into the ground!

Cap & trade,cap & trade, cap & trade, cap & trade, cap & trade, cap & trade, cap & trade. Monotonous, isn't it. You think that's bad, wait till we get it. And that's not all. They want to tax sugared soda, Twinkies, oreos, etc. Anything that can, in their eyes, cause potential health issues. This, of course has naught to do with the cap & trade which is the "global warming" bucket of "expletive deleted." The latter is thanks to the new, improved health care they're shoving down our throats. More expletives deleted for obvious reasons. Time for the real pitchforks and torches. We have absolutely no one in DC who has a tinker's dam of an idea how to run a country except into the ground! Start talking up "states rights." It's beginning to appear that's the only thing that may hold 'em off.

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