Monday, May 4, 2009

Hate Crimes

Are not all violent crimes hate crimes? According to statistics the average number of hate crimes(as per the definitions in the House Hate Crimes Bill) only account for less than one tenth of one percent, or less, of the violent crimes commited in the U.S. annually. So why does the left want so badly to ram through the Hate Crimes Bill? The answer is simple. It's to make legitimate any and all perversions that fly in the face of God's laws. It is also their desire to silence the Christian majority in our land. Is not the murder of an 85 year old grandmother as much a crime of hate as the murder of a 25 year old homosexual? Of course it is.

If hate Crimes Laws become the law of the land, pastors and teachers will not be able to preach out of Romans Chp.1. A time may also come when Bible publishers will be required to remove "hate speech" from their printings of the Bible. According to the House version of the Bill, which already passed under the radar, with nary a mention on any MSM (even FOX was silent), child molesters will be protected. This is an abomination! The swine flu diversion was at the forefront. remember Rahm Emanuel said that a good crisis makes for good opportunity.

This whole thing will turn around and Christians will become the victims of Hate Crimes, and will not be protected under the very law they fought to defeat. God, of course is our ultimate "Protector." This once Godly nation of ours is slipping through our fingers, and yet everyone is so embroiled in their own life struggles that they haven't the nerve or time to do the right thing. Call your reps. and give them the words of truth. America is still a nation founded on God's truths and we as citizens demand to be heard. The days of senators and representatives going to D.C. and doing what they want instead of what their constituency wants are over. Vote as the majority wants or we'll elect some one who will!

The Constitution of the United States of America demands that this evil bill not be allowed to pass. The problem is, our current adminsitration thinks it's OK to walk all over it(the Constitution). Christ, in the Bible says, " Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, and render unto God what is God's." As citizens with a Constitituion such as ours, we are, I believe, required to point out the error of the ways of the government. To not do so, I believe, is flying in the face of God's demands upon us as also being citizens of His Kingdom.

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