Monday, May 4, 2009

A Sleeping Giant?

To me France has always been a glaring example of how not to run a government, or society in general. I lived in Germany for three years near the French border. It does not seem to be just strictly a French idea that Americans are rubes, as you put it. Germans are just about as bad in their feelings toward America. I’m German (blood only), born in the USA, and found that while in Germany, in their eyes I was just like all the rest of the “ugly” Americans. Europeans, at best, are a hard-headed bunch that think they can do no wrong, while at the same time exercising their “liberalness” to such a high degree that their countries are slowly falling to the typical “let everyone do as they feel” lifestyle because, as we all know, if it feels good, then it must be right (Meant to be a snotty remark). The liberal ideals of “diversity” are killing society worldwide. Now they are having Muslim problems,and many are becoming afraid of what’s coming upon them with no way to rectify the situation. Much in the same way we are with the illegal alien, gay marriage, Nambla, etc. situations here. Laws being changed to protect the guilty rather than the innocent, all the way down to kidnappings, beheadings, etc. Also a government that believes the Constitution was written by a bunch of dead guys who had no idea about modern American life, and really believe with their whole beings that the document is a piece of paper that could not possibly have any relevance in today’s world. The Founders knew better of course. It’s like saying the same thing about the Bible. No way it’s relevant anymore? Hogwash! It’s more relevant today than ever. Americans have felt for decades that it can’t happen here. But it is. Mexico, as a culture does not normally go around beheading their enemies, perceived or real. On the other hand the Mexican drug cartels do. They also kidnap and murder. This is going on even as we speak along certain areas of the southwest border. Phoenix has become the kidnapping capital of America as a direct result of the cartels. And yet Janet and the “boys from Brazil” do nothing to stop it. We needed a “swine flu” pandemic to take our minds off the real things that are going on in DC and the rest of the country. The left is not nibbling away at American freedom, it’s running at it headlong and stealing it from in front of our very eyes. And yet good people everywhere sit idly by wringing their hands and saying, “What can we do. What can we do?” America needs Godly, good strong conservative people to stand up and say, “Thus far have you gone; no further shall you go!” Lines in the sand are a necessary thing. America needs to awaken, as the Japanese Admiral said after Pearl Harbor, “We have awakened a sleeping giant!” America is hated by the Europeans because they perceive we are conservative and they are liberal. We bailed their asses out during two world wars, but they hate us for it, because we’re not in “their mold” of liberalness. This is the same reason BHO goes around the world badmouthing his own country ( who’s talking about Kenya?—lol). He is actually ashamed of America, even though he is the first black president, because he’s ragingly liberal, and is ashamed of the American conservatism, as weak as it may now be. Michelle is only proud of America now because her husband was elected. She’d still be ashamed of it if he’d been defeated. I feel as though, if American conservatives continue to wake up, and campaign and vote this battle can still be won.

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