Friday, May 15, 2009

Krauthammer-On the Torture Debate (cont.)


  1. In reality, there is no torture. There is really no debate, but as usual of the left, the definition of "is" still is the same. In their view watching Miss America parade around in a bikini would be some kind of torture I guess. I can think of alot of things from World War 2 that really was torture.

  2. Any so called torture we have done against the terrorists is within the declarations of the Geneva Convention, unlike what has been done to "ours" who've been captured by them. We are not bound by that convention regarding terrorists though because they don't sign on to that convention and they fly no national flag and are therefore exempted from our consideration of them as defined in the Geneva convention. Seems like all we're beholden to is our left wing nuts, including the ACLU which has no authority whatever to butt into this debate!


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