Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Does the baby get to choose?

I’m a Southern Baptist and we all agree with the Catholic stance. The Bible says “Thou shalt not kill.” In the original Hebrew this translates more directly to “Thou shalt not murder.” This differentiates it from the killing that goes on in wartime for just causes, and court judgements for the death penalty. “Thou shalt not murder.” Period, end of argument. I/we believe that life begins at the time of conception. I won’t spend the time here to give you a biology lesson, as that would lend nothing. The Declaration of Independence declares that all have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” How can our country even entertain the thought that we can arbitrarily take that right away from someone who is defenseless as is a fetus? Especially when the party or parties to the conception find it inconvenient. To my mind the woman’s right to choose ends just before she climbs into bed. I’m trying not to be too blunt here, given your age. Just because a baby may or may not be inconvenient does not make it right to kill that baby. Adoption is always a very viable alternative, even in cases of financial hardship or even rape. There is always someone who would love that child and give it a good, loving home rather than see it murdered.
I agree with Stephanie that you should Google search for info. on Margaret Sanger. For that matter so should everyone, especially those Jewish or black, because they are the reason she founded Planned Parenthood to, in her words, “get rid of those inferior types.” That’s the reason Adolf Hitler was so enamoured with her beliefs, and used it to fuel the rage at the Jews, and eventually Christians, and darker complected peoples like gypsys, blacks, and then even mentally handicapped or ill. He was an equal opportunity “murderer.” And I fear that “his highness, the annointed one” is not too far off in the running for next up for that title. If he keeps running headlong to change all the values that America has stood for lo these many years, he’s working overtime to achieve the title.

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