Friday, May 29, 2009


"The evidence is becoming overwhelming. The Kenyan intends to eliminate, or silence, his political opposition. The recent Department of Homeland Insecurity report labeling all conservatives as potential terrorists is reminiscent of Adolph Hitler. His Directive 11 ordered SS Einsatzgruppen to seek out and destroy all opposition to the Reich in conquered countries. Oppposition included possession of American books,or radio's tuned to British or Allied broadcasts( If an Einsatzgruppen Officer heard a British voice when he turned on your radio during a mandatory search of your home, you were shot immediately) or literature deemed unsupportive of the Reich's position. Other quick tickets to a grave or a concentration camp included, American cars, cigarettes, food, electronic devices, clothes, or any other item that wasn't produced and taxed in the Reich. History offers us a template for tyranny, if we have the courage to recognize it."
h/t Mike

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