Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mrs. Fritz about 3 years ago

Mrs. Fritz had gotten a hernia at work lifting heavy boxes. She contacted her physician regarding getting the surgery. She came home from his office almost in tears. The doctor had checked her out for the surgery and had run an EKG. He said that it showed she had had a major heart attack sometime in the past. In the meantime she made an appointment with a well known heart surgeon here. He saw her and gave her a preliminary EKG and said the other doctor was correct, that she'd had a major heart attack and she wasn't going to be able to get the hernia repaired until the heart situation was seen to. He then scheduled her for a "stress" test at which time they run a complete check of the heart for damage, etc.We prayed together about the situation, pretty much putting it in God's hands. She had said she'd never felt anything like a heart attack, however the heart surgeon told her about what's called a "silent attack" which can do much damage.That night as she was sleeping, and I was not, (I'm the family worrier, with faith, but I worry) I rolled over to face her back and put my right hand on her right hip and my left hand on her shoulder. She was still sleeping. I prayed in all earnestness that God would heal her. As I was praying I felt as though an electrical current was moving between my hands. I was taken aback by this, but when finished with my prayer, I was finally able to get some sleep. That morning I told her what had happened when I prayed. She went on to the doctor's office for the stress test. The results were that there was no sign of any heart damage and the doctor said her heart tested like the heart of a woman half her age. She was overjoyed, as was I, and we of course thanked God for all His goodness, rejoicing greatly, of course.I know there are those who'd be skeptical of this whole occurence, but it did happen exactly as I described it. Even I was totally amazed. I've not the gift of healing, but God gave it to me for that particular event. BTW, Mrs. Fritz went on to have her hernia repaired and is quite well as we speak. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! He is faithful even when we are not!
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  1. I believe in miracles; this is one. Bless you both.


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