Thursday, May 28, 2009


Well, how would it sound to the rest of the country if I, the president, being of German ancestry, insisted that all the justices, cabinet and all other positions of authority were filled with only those of German ancestry; with absolutely no regard to any “old” lingering doubts about connections to the Nazi party? Or how about all those “innocent” bund meetings I attended in 1940 and 1941? Should that set off any warning alarms? How about the fact that my “real” last name in German means “hangman” or “executioner?”
I hope my intent here is clear. We have a marxist (at least leaning) leader, with friends he learned from, who were bombers, radicals, was himself a lawyer training other radicals, giving high government positions to others of his ilk, and then attempting on his first justice appointment putting forth a nominee known to belong to a La Raza group. And sitting on a district bench and being recorded while making light regarding legislating from the bench. All the while saying that she is uniquely qualified to be sensitive to others of her particular “bent” and upbringing. Then he has the gall to say he doesn’t understand why white Americans are complaining about his choice.
If you would like this little rant in a language other than English, call information and push 2.

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